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Discount Landlords Insurance Quote


Discount Landlords Insurance Quote

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At one time or another you will have appreciated what it is like to have either been a tenant or a landlord. Or at least known someone in that situation. The best Landlord Property Insurance policy is there to protect all parties involved. The owner of the property, the person renting, as well as third parties such the bank who may have provided you with a mortgage or the white goods and furniture you purchased with a loan. If you are considering letting out one or more properties, you should see coverage as a catch all against the worst that can happen. To put it bluntly, buy to let or a holiday home could well be your main investment. If you are failing to receive an income, you may experience mortgage arrears and lose the whole lot.

If you are a new landlord you may wonder what all the fuss is about, but talk to Evans and Lewis and we can guide you. Take our worst case scenario and measure it up against normal home insurance. Are you covered for loss of rent? Which pays out if you can't find a tenant or a fire or water damage means the property cannot be let. Landlord Property Insurance premiums are a cost effective way to pass the burden of future problems on to the insurer, while contributing to a pool of money. While there are excesses to pay in the event of a claim you can tailor an insurance policy for landlords to your own exact circumstances. If you rent the property unfurnished you may not need landlord's content insurance but you may still be supplying fridge, oven and fixtures. This cover can be assessed and included.

The most comprehensive cover will include cash for carpets, rugs and furniture ruined to the value of what it was worth, alternatively a new for old clause will replace everything as new. You really do need to compare the cheapest Landlord Property Insurance quotes against a raft of others. A specialist landlord insurance broker such as ourselves can really drill down on exact details. Working with an underwriter to tailor a policy for one or multiple properties. Including replacement keys, 24/7 maintenance, full legal representation, tenant finder and even help you evict a tenant if necessary. Did you know you have to keep a tenant's rental deposit secure until their departure and that two thirds of landlords don't have enough insurance on their Buy to let properties? Call today for tops, advice and to secure a quote that secures your financial future.

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