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How do you insure a property that has just been bought on a buy to let mortgage but won't be let immediately? Can you get insurance for a few months while it is being redecorated? Can you get insurance for an unoccupied property simply because you are waiting for the right tenant or for the market to be more appreciative? To gain the best empty property Landlord insurance information simply pick up the phone and we'll advise you what to do. There are many situations why some of your properties may not be available to let. If you have many within your portfolio it's entirely reasonable for an insurer to understand that one may have fire damage, another might be being redecorated. Or simply you can't find a tenant as quick as you had hoped.

We know every aspect of the rental industry and can provide you with empty property Landlord insurance information as soon as we receive your enquiry. Naturally we wish to not only resolve your problems but cover your empty property with the correct level of insurance too. Here's why you should trust us. Do not call us if you have a current insurance policy and you have a clause in your policy which states they pay you for the interim period between tenancies - you are not losing any money. Do call us to compare landlord insurance online and see if we can offer a cheaper buy to let insurance quote that has these empty property caveats built in more comprehensively.

Empty Property Landlord Insurance Information About Policies

If you have difficulty finding cheaper cover while you decorate, develop or simply wait for a new tenant, give us a call and we'll have it in place by the end of the day. As long as you supply us with all the relevant documents and paperwork. Unoccupied property insurance is not as big a deal as you have been led to believe. Private property liability insurance, contents insurance, buildings cover, limited contents insurance can all be enacted. You can even switch this cover to a full provision once you are ready to let a tenant rent your property. For a completely free chat about empty property Landlord insurance information, tips and advice and how to get the cheapest quote, the best offer and easily upgrade to a full landlord's insurance policy on the day required. Just complete the short enquiry form and we'll call you back or call us right now.




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Landlords Insurance protects the owner of the property for unforeseen events that may occur whilst the property is rented out.  It is created for a landlord’s rental property, both residential and commercial. At its most simple, landlords insurance provides protection for landlords against the costs of property repairs or reconstruction as a result of disasters such, fire flood or subsidence. The basic Landlord Insurance policy provides valuable disaster insurance, should these events happen  to a property, and is often a necessity  for obtaining a mortgage or other finance secured on the property. As a low level  level of protection, Landlords Insurance should pay out for the total rebuild cost of the  landlords property when it has been damaged.

Landlords insurance also provide landlords with liability cover should a third party suffer an injury at the property and hold the landlord responsible for injuries or damages that have happened. It is very important to find the right Landlord Insurance so as the landlord peace of mind to know that all possibilities are covered and particularly that the insurance will pay for the loss of rent whilst the repairs are being done. By comparing the whole market it is possible to see which insurer is offering the best deal and also see which has the best additional features.

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